Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WILD WEDNESDAY: A Fabulously Flanged Friend for Fleeting February

Happiest of Wild Wednesdays to All!

With January falling by the way side, February has been able to swing into full-view! And with a lovely leap-year party looming, let's look lively as we march towards March. Hinting at what may hang on the horizon, I present fellow artist and a most perceptive pal...

Towering Yet Talented Towan, Orange Ape of Asia, Pongo pygmaeus. 
"A Longing Drawing Can't Cure: Orangutangled Dreams of Distant Canopies." Pongo pygmaeus. Marker. 2012.

Male orangutans are giants of the jungle, causing quakes that rip and ripple through the leafy tranquility of the treetops. In the wake of their sway, these massive mammals leave their air of nobility alongside a massacre of masticated fruits and nuts.

But despite the intimidating gargantuan figure, these simians can be quite sensitive. Solitary and wide-ranging habits leave these juggernauts ample time to ponder the mysteries of the universe, and perhaps even comment on the primate condition as they brachiate among branches. Towan (hailing from the jungle of Seattle) taps into his expressive side through his love of painting, making inner emotion known to the wider circle of life through bright, non-toxic colors. Moody and introverted, this dreadlocked dreamer has the soul of an artist that is often wrapped in a burlap blanket, gazing out at the world going by.