Friday, December 16, 2011

FEROCIOUS FRIDAY TAKES FLIGHT: Introducing The Haughty Hornbill

Happy Ferocious Friday!

This inaugural event is the first in a series of posts I plan to publish, tracking my latest painting projects as they progress! Currently, this so happens to be a series of animal portraits showcasing the Species of South East Asia. With many more to come (in the form of tri-weekly trackings), I present to you the first mongrel of the bunch...

Featuring Our Frolicking Feathered Friend, The Red-Knobbed Hornbill, Aceros cassidix.
"High On His Haunches: The Haughty Hornbill Reigns Supreme." Aceros cassidix. 2011. Marker.

Only walks in certain woods shall find such feathered frugivores;
Tis only South East Asian forests where the mighty hornbill soars.

Flying high above Indonesia's dense canopies
This crimson-crowned king loves to gaze upon the seas.

For stretching round in all four direction
Lie the oceans in deep blue perfection.

Bonding for life in a mated pair,
Hornbills live a life many species don't dare.

While the female holes up in a tree to egg-lay,
The male departs, off on a familial fruit foray.

Though berries may elude him he presses on,
Ending his search only once the sunset has gone.

But bright colored sunsets barely hold a candle
To this well-adorned bird's big bold mantle!

Hornbill fun fact: These casqued crooners have long lovely eyelashes that are actually modified feathers!  That sets me all aflutter. 
(This nibble of knowledge brought to you by the San Diego Zoo!) 

Be back Monday for the next equatorially-excellent species in the series.

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